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I've tiles that are designed to be traps in my map. Now I've got something like 200 tiles. About 10 traps and a few other speciality blocks. I really need to be able to have a block coalesce with multiple groups. For example my swinging blade trap needs to coalesce with Group 1 and 4. 4 being its own group. I hoped "Own and Group" would basically allow for this, but it doesn't. In this case "Own" means the block, not its group. To explain the situation please see the below.

My terrain is Group 1
My traps are Group 2
Group 4 should Coalesce with Group 1 and Group 4
Group 1 should Coalesce with Group 1

My Groups map is as follows.
Terrain = 1
Lava = 2 (Needed Coalesce: 1, 2, and 3)
Water = 3 (Needed Coalesce: 1, 2, and 3)
Traps = 4 (Needed Coalesce: 1 and 4)

I'll probably merge 2 and 3 since both are semi-transparent and should be fine to remove some faces in that case, but Traps (4) absolutely needs to be separate as I don't want 1 coalescing with it, but I want it to coalesce with 1.

Currently my needs are impossible from what I've gathered and it causes some serious issues with swapping my trap behavior. For example if you black a block in the left and right corner blocks then it shuts the trap off and stops swinging back and forth.

To prevent B/C issues with the UI you could just allow a comma separated list of Groups when the Group # input is shown then parse it into an array and loop the coalescing check; what do you think? I could really really use this as I'm going through the finalization of my game and giving it that extra polish and want my level editor to be flawless; this just creates scenarios where behavior becomes wonky without being able to coalesce against multiple groups.

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Response 1

Any thoughts on this? Really needing it for release. I'm not to that point yet, but it's just a matter of months at this time (am doing mostly finalizing at this time).

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Response 2

Multiple coalesce groups will be supported in the next BETA release :)

Edit: Available from BETA group now!!


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Response 3

Awesome! Thanks for adding that. :) I'm ok waiting for stable as I'm waiting on Unity 4.6 to move forward anyway.