Indicate that the surrounding tile is not exist.

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In RTS Designer, Define and Find Orientation can only define surrounding tile is exist or not. But if I am painting at (0,0) 

x o o
x    o
x x x

There are only 3 tiles "o" surrounded, other "x" is out of the tile system. So how can I define this situation ?

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Response 1

Currently orientations are represented by an 8-bit mask which can only determine whether surrounding tiles can be coalesced; they cannot detect the edges of the tile system. Your feature request has been noted and may be included in a future release.

To workaround this trait you can define a separate brush for the edges of your tile system. You can then configure the coalescing options of your brushes so that they properly interact with one another.

Another solution is to implement a custom editor script which scans tiles around the edges of a tile system (after all tiles have been painted) and then replaces tiles as desired.

I hope that the above ideas help :)