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When making new tiles (2.5d) I design with sbsar files (substances) and they are not rotateable by default in Unity.
So after i designed my block, they are usually "on the side" that's fine i just rotate them to my desired angle usually -90 on Z.

So then i go and create my new brush, add the layouts, possible tile options etc and drag my prefabs into them,
however the brush does not remember my rotation from the prefab,

that means, for each brush i need to draw out the possible shapes and then rotate, and finally apply to make it work.


Blue a prefab i added by drag and drop
Red - a brush draw of the same tile
Black - a brush draw, that I rotated manually


I think it would be nice if the brush would grab and remember the rotation i have on my prefabs, or
allow me to set rotation or even better "mass rotation" for all the blocks in a brush, in the brush designer.


P.S. I know about the rotate "brush" tool when drawing ;)

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Response 1

The Use as Prefab Offset feature allows you to perform this correction on a per variation basis by painting and correcting tiles.

To achieve this in bulk:

  1. Select all of affected prefabs.

  2. Adjust rotation using the inspector.

  3. Ensure that "Apply Prefab Transform" is selected for brush(es).

I hope that this helps :)