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fregas wrote:

I can't draw any tiles anymore.  I believe I had upgraded Unity, but then downgraded.  In any case, i'm on Unity 5.6.0f3 Personal.  Thanks Lea!

Unity have changed their asset file format a few times recently so if you upgraded your project and then downgraded there is every chance that your asset files were somehow corrupted by the Unity serialization system.

It's never a good idea to open a project in a newer version of Unity and then re-open that project in an older version again.

I can't emphasise enough, always backup your files before updating to a newer version of Unity, installing new packages, removing packages, or doing anything really. In my experiences Unity can find some fairly interesting ways to explode!

Are there any errors coming out in the Unity console window?

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Lea Hayes wrote:

Btw, a lot of progress has been made on the open sourcing front - still some work to do but it's getting closer.

This is great to know, Lea, I'm excited to check it out. Keep us posted, and thank you so much!