Edge collider 2D?

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I was wondering if there is way to make edge collider with procedually generated tiles.

Currently, there seems to be only BoxCollider2D options available, which is okish, but it will eventually generate tons of gameobjects per tile which isn't really good thing when you consider the reason why you would want the procedual tile in the first place.

2DToolkit's tilemap does this well... it works by limiting the edge loops to within the chunks size so the calculation isn't too heavy during realtime usage.

I think it is going to be neat if Rotorz can do this as well.

Only reason why I am going with the Rotorz is that 2D toolkit doesn't have all other powers of painting features Rotorz has.

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Response 1

I will move this into the 'Feature Requests' section of the forum since I think that this might be a cool feature to introduce at some point.

If you just want tile based collision detection or path finding then you can just read the 'Solid' flag of tiles; however if want to use physics then sure actual collider geometry is absolutely necessary. At the moment Rotorz Tile System only supports box colliders for this.

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Response 2

This would be a pretty cool feature to have.