Wang Tiling / Tile Brush automations

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I'm looking to create a tile brush that supports Wang Tiling. Such as described here or here.

Basically it's about assigning each edge of a tile a specific key. When drawing, only tiles will be placed of which the edges have keys matching the keys of the edges of the neighbouring tiles. The tiles could also be auto-rotated in order to match the edges (keys).

Is this already possible? How? Or a planned feature? Otherwise this would be a very helpful feature to make patterns in tilemaps much less occuring.

Thanks for any hints/answers.


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I am not familiar with Wang Tiling but I suspect that you could implement a custom brush that does this.

For instance, the 2D autotile brush that is included with Rotorz Tile System merely selects tiles from an atlas based upon the context that the tile is painted in. If a tile is a corner piece it uses the appropriate corner tile. You may find the OrientationUtility useful when implementing such a brush.

The oriented brush feature of Rotorz Tile System allows you to specify prefabs or tileset brushes that are to be used for tiles based upon the surrounding tiles. When multiple variations are specified for an orientation they are chosen at random. Weighting can be specified for each variation to increase or decreases the chance of a certain variation from being picked at random.

I hope that this helps with your question!