Oriented Brushes and paths.

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Hello! I have a question to see if Rotorz is right for me :)
It's pretty simple.

Say, I make a 3D oriented brush for grass. Middle is grass, the surrounding brush parts are hillsides, like this:

- just less dungeon and more pretty grassland.

But what if I now want a nice worn path, where people can cheerfully walk through it? Perhaps a golden road even, so scarecrows can merrily walk along?

To clarify: A path through the grassland, so I could do something like:

P - path
G - grass
H - Hillside


Is this possible (say, by a way to prevent the surrounding hills from autotiling via a shortcut) or will they always autotile?

Thanks and sorry for the silly question. I wasn't sure what to use in the search to check if this had been answered before, and the things I tried failed (language barrier maybe, I'm ESL)

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